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Karnataka Business Corporation

We Karnataka Business Corporation introduce ourselves as a reputed player in the Marketing domain of Agricultural fertilizers. We have exclusive associations with Manufacturers and Importers for the regular supply of the products. We have an extensive presence across all over southern India. We have representatives in all State of Southern India. Our wide marketing network gives us the advantage to reach the grass-root level in this domain. We have the head office in Bangalore, Regional office in Mysuru, and branch office in Hyderabad. Also, we have marketing and manufacture unit offices in Mysuru and Bangalore. We have launched a Toll-free number for Farmers, which in turn will help them with all necessary information pertaining to agriculture. We have started the trial phase of this program. We also plan to use the latest technology in marketing fertilizer products. We are coming up with a cloud-based mobile application to ease the supply chain of the products we sell. The App will be available to all stakeholders in the chain, which in turn will help to track the Supply / Demand in all levels including receipts.

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